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Buy, sell, post & read information as well as give pointers to others and help them learn more about there pets.  You may find information on Pythons, Boa's, Chameleons, Parrots, Arabians, Quarter Horses, Ponies, Thoroughbreds, Work horses like Belgians.


1.  Learn new ways or ideas about keeping reptiles & birds successfully.

2.  Learn and receive successful breeding tips for boas, pythons, corn snake & king snakes as well as chameleons!

3. Learn and receive successful husbandry and breeding skill for exotic birds.

4.  Learn and expand your horsemanship skills. 


Please feel free to read, post and make new friends.  We do our best to review post and keep all vulgar language out of the post.  We reserve the right to delete any post that does not contain appropriate language.  Bashing of other members in the post will also not be allowed.  Please be responsible when placing your post.  Do not give out any personal information that you do not feel is appropriate.

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