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Spotted Python

Spotted Python

(Antaresia Maculosa)

The Spotted Python originates from Australia in the Queensland, and in offshore islands, highlands and slopes as well as New South Wales.  Sometimes the Spotted Python is also mistaken for a close resembling python called a Childrens Python.  Spotted pythons have been around in the Pet Industry and Breeder collections for quite some time.  They tend to be a very docile snake that is fun to work with.  They tend to get along with other cage mates, great species for the new snake owner.  Great for learning the basics of captive breeding.

In general appearance they are light gray or tan with dark saddles and mottling, when reaching adulthood they tend to darken up.  The neck is narrow with a head that is slightly larger then the neck.  Most Spotted Pythons are quite well patterned displaying an array of irregular shaped blotches that tend to have frayed edges.  There are also morphs available of Speckled and Granite as well.  They tend to be a small snake reaching 3 to 4 feet in length at adult age.  In the wild Spotted Pythons feed on a variety of mammals and small lizards.


For Adult pythons a 20 gallon tank works well.  Live plants in your enclosure may help with your snakes thriving in captivity.


You enclosure needs to have a thermal gradient, with one end being cooler then the other.  For daytime temperatures should range on the cool end from 75 to 80 degrees and the warm end between 80 to 85 with a hotspot reaching 95 to 100 degrees.  At night there temperatures should fall to around 70 degrees with a basking area of around 80.  Small water bowl in the enclosure for water source as well as keeping the humidity around 55 to 60 percent.  Night time temperatures can be achieved with use of under tank heaters, infrared heat lamps.  All heat sources should be hooked to rheostats to control proper heat output.

Food and Water

Hatchling Spotted Python's can be fed pinkies.  Adults can be fed mice.  A water dish should be kept in there enclosure at all times for soaking purposes during a shed also to keep the humidity up in the enclosure.


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